Looking for a little more adventure then you’ll find doing just about anything else short of human flight? Ski Mountaineering requires a blend of skills ranging from expert skiing ability, backcountry skiing experience, rappelling, alpine anchor building even ice and rock climbing on occasion. It’s the ultimate way to explore the most extreme ski & snowboard terrain.

Teton Classics:

  • Ford-Stetner, Grand Teton
  • Apocolypes Couloir, Prospector Pk
  • Chuterbuck, Buck Mt
  • Sickle Couloir, Mt Moran
  • The Nugget, Coudveil Dome
  • Spoon Couloir, Disappointment Peak
  • Broken Thumb, 25 Short
  • Abilities: Advanced
  • Length: Full day
  • Season: Winter and Spring
  • Cost: $475, 1 person $350 per person, 2 people